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Want to dismiss a Texas speeding ticket?

We can help with that.


Online Defensive Driving

$29.95 with discount code

  • Flexible: Log in and out anytime.
  • Save $9.99 with Discount Code “BUMPER
  • Works on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices
  • No Reading Option for no extra charge


Defensive Driving Classes

$44.95 including meal and refreshments

  • Classes held seven days a week
  • Price includes meal, refreshments, and comedy club passes
  • Locations in DFW, Houston, Tyler, and Denton
  • Taught by Professional Comedians
texas defensive driving classestexas defensive driving classes money back guarantee



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defensive driving that's experienced funny and easy to work with
comedy guys texas defensive driving overnight delivery certificates


Online or in the Classroom, Comedy Guys offers the best Defensive Driving Experience for Texas drivers.

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Live Texas Defensive Driving Classes

Comedy Guys Texas Defensive Driving ClassesComedy Guys Defensive Driving offers more actual classes than any driving safety school in Texas. As more of our competitors move to offering only an online course, we continue to fill up our schedule with defensive driving classes across Texas.

If you’re looking for a defensive driving class in Houston, Tyler, Denton, Dallas, Fort Worth, or anywhere in the DFW Metroplex, choose Comedy Guys Defensive Driving.



Online Texas Defensive Driving

comedy guys texas defensive driving course onlineComedy Guys Defensive Driving offers an online defensive driving course that’s flexible and convenient for anyone’s schedule. You can log in and out anytime night or day, as many times as you want.

Everything is stored on our servers, so there’s nothing to download or install on your device.

And our course is formatted to also work on your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone or tablet. Register right now and get started.



State Certified Defensive Driving

Comedy Guys is state approved for ticket dismissal in Texas, operating under license C0728. And we work to maintain our state approved status with annual updates to our driving safety curriculum and yearly re-training of our defensive driving instructors.

Whether you take our online defensive driving course or one of our many defensive driving classes, the course completion certificate you get in the mail afterward will be valid in any court in Texas for dismissing a ticket.

If you have a speeding ticket you’d like to get off of your driving record, get the court’s approval to have it dismissed and then sign up with Comedy Guys to make that ticket go away.



Money Back Guarantee

dollar sign in greenWe get a lot of repeat business. Some customers take our class every three years to maintain an insurance discount, and some come back to us once a year for their annual ticket dismissal.

But many of the people who visit this website have never dealt with Comedy Guys before, so our online defensive driving course offers a money back guarantee: start the online course and if you decide not to finish, you can get your money back.

Just call us any time before you begin the test at the end of the course, and we’ll cancel your registration and refund your money.

Why take Texas Defensive Driving Course?

Dismiss a Speeding Ticket

A defensive driving certificate is one of the best ways to get a speeding ticket or other moving violation dismissed. A driving safety certificate of completion from Comedy Guys Defensive Driving is valid in every court across Texas, and will make it possible for you to lower the costs you’ll have to pay the court, clean up your driving record, and keep your auto insurance rates from going up.

Your first step, though, is to contact the court that issued your ticket: you’ll need their approval to have the ticket dismissed before you take Comedy Guys defensive driving course.


Reduce Auto Insurance Costs

Getting a discount on your auto insurance is a great way to save money, and Comedy Guys Defensive Driving can help you with that. Most major auto insurance providers offer discounts to drivers who complete a state approved defensive driving course like Comedy Guys offers.

Whether you complete our online defensive driving course or take a driving safety class at one of our many locations, the certificate of completion you receive from Comedy Guys will qualify for an auto insurance discount. In fact, this is such a good way to cut auto insurance costs that we send out two copies of the certificates, one for the court to dismiss a ticket and one for the insurance company.

The standard auto insurance discount is 10% for three years, but check with your insurance company for the details about any defensive driving discount if offers.


Become a Safer Driver

That’s more than just a slogan here. We really do expect that the people who’ve taken our course will become safer, more careful, better informed drivers afterward. That’s a big part of why we update our curriculum and re-train our defensive driving instructors every year.

Yes, we do these things to keep our state license, but –more than that—we do them so that we’re better at our jobs.

After all, everyone here drives on Texas roads, too.



Why Choose Comedy Guys Defensive Driving?

We print certificates more often.

comedy guys texas defensive driving courseUnlike most Texas defensive driving schools, Comedy Guys has an office that’s open every week day. That means we print certificates twice a day, five days a week. Many of the smaller schools wait until they have enough certificates to make printing worthwhile. This can add days to the time it takes to get your certificate.

Because our office prints every day, we’ll print your certificate of completion sooner and get it to you more quickly than many of our competitors.


We offer many deliver options.

Have you waited until the last minute? Don’t worry: at Comedy Guys, we deal with this all the time. That’s why we offer so many options for getting your certificate of completion delivered to you.

There’s no extra charge for delivery by regular mail because that’s included in the cost of the class. For most locations in Texas, we offer overnight mail, including early morning arrival and Saturday delivery. And for some cities, Comedy Guys even offers courier service, so you can get your certificate the same day it’s printed, if you live DFW within the area where courier delivery is available.


We’re easier to contact.

Some of the smaller schools are a sideline for someone. Call them and you’ll get voicemail. But our office is open five days a week, so Monday through Friday we’re answering the phones. And the technical support number for our online defensive driving course is answered 24 hours a day, even on weekends.

But it’s not just our telephones. Customers are always contacting us by email or through our Facebook or Twitter accounts.


We work to avoid problems, but fix them quickly when they happen.

No business does everything perfectly, but at Comedy Guys Defensive Driving that’s always the goal. We work to avoid problems and errors. But if something ever does go wrong, we do everything we can to make things right as quickly as possible.


Our comedian instructors make the class fun.

Texas Defensive Driving Courses have to be six hours long, but that doesn’t mean they have to be tedious. Comedy Guys hires professional comedians and actors to teach its driving safety classes. We cover all the required material for a state certified course, but we make it fun.


We have no hidden charges.

Comedy Guys won’t surprise you with any hidden charges. The cost of the course includes the printing and mailing of your certificate and — in the case of the live classes — the cost of your meal and drinks. One payment takes care of everything, unless you need rush delivery or request extra copies of your certificate.