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Technical Support


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Our online defensive driving course was designed to be mostly free of problems, but sometimes technical support is still needed.

Most technical problems fall into one of three categories.

You can find help with all three of these below.

Of course you can call our Technical Support number — 877 826 6339 — at any time if you need more help.

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Watch Videos from Alternate Source

We try to make everything run smoothly, but it’s not always possible. With all the updates and settings among operating systems, browsers, video players, and network firewalls, sometimes videos won’t play for some people.

That’s why we uploaded our videos to an alternate source, one that works for most everyone. If you ever can’t get our online course videos to play for you in the regular way, you can use this link to get to the same videos from a different source.


Technical Support:
Update Your Browser

In many cases, an updated browser can help with your internet experience.  Click on any of the following links to download the most recent version.

For Windows

Microsoft Edge, the new browser for Windows 10, should update itself as long as you keep Windows 10 up-to-date. If you think you might need to update both Windows 10 and Edge, take these steps.

  1. Click the Start button.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Select Update and Security.
  4. Click Windows Update.
  5. Click Check for updates.

For Mac


Technical Support:
Update your Video Player

The video files in our online course are in WMV format.

This means that the many machines that won’t play Flash movies files can still play our videos. WMV is Windows Media Video, and its video files should play on all Windows-based machines. If your Windows Media Player is up-to-date, you should have no problems.

If you’re taking our online course on a Mac device, you may need to install Flip4Mac, a WMV-player extention for Quicktime. It can be downloaded for free and installed on your Mac device, making it possible for you to play WMV files.

For customers unfamiliar with the download and install process, follow these quick and easy steps. Click any image to enlarge it, if you wish.


Downloading Flip4Mac

1.  Find the download at telestream.net by clicking here.
Download the free version or upgrade to one of the paid versions if you want.For our online course, the free version will work just fine.
2. Choose the version suited to your operating system.If you need to find out what operating system your Mac is using, click on the Apple symbol in the upper right corner of your screen, and then choose About this Mac from the drop-down menu.
3. Click the download button to check the status of your download.
4. When the download is done, find Flip4Mac on the list of downloaded files. (Click the download icon in the upper righthand corner of the browser window to get this list.Double-click Flip4Mac on the list of downloaded files to open the installer.When the small window appears asking you to choose between Silverlight and WMV, double-click the WMV option to start the installation.
5. The window that appears, Install Flip4Mac WMV Installer, has on the left a list of the various steps it will go through to install the program:

  • Introduction,
  • Read Me,
  • Agree to Terms, etc.

For each one of these, you’ll be asked to click Continue to continue on to the next step.

But don’t worry: the installation process will go quickly.

6. The last step of the installation will ask you to enter you Mac user ID and password.
7. Once the installation is complete, the box will give you a chance to upgrade to the Pro version of the Flip4Mac player, but this isn’t necessary.

ComedyGuys video files are very basic and the free version of Flip4Mac will play them just fine.If you don’t want to upgrade to the paid version, just click Continue.Next, the installer will ask you if you want to learn more about using the additional features of Flip4Mac. You won’t need these feature for our online course, so you can click No Thanks to go on.

8. Now the installation is done, and your Mac will be able to play the WWV files in our online course.

IMPORTANT: You must quit the Safari program and then relaunch it so that Safari can add the new Flip4Mac plugin.

If you correctly install Flip4Mac but do not close and restart your browser, the videos still will not play.With your browser open again, go to comedyguys.com and log in to our online course.


Trouble with your ID Questions

The state of Texas requires that we prove it is actually you taking the online course. We do this by asking identification questions (ID questions) based on your driver’s license and your license plate information that you provided when your registered.

If your answers are marked incorrect and you don’t think they should be, please call customer support at 877 826 6339 (select 3 from the menu for online customer service).

There are a few circumstances that may cause this to occur:

  • out-of-state license (welcome to Texas!)
  • out-of-state license plate
  • recently issued driver’s license
  • recently issued license plate
  • typographical error when you registered (yes, it happens and it is no big deal…). Call us and we can fix it.

If for some reason we can’t prove it’s actually you taking the course, don’t worry. We can have you print our ID Affidavit, and have it notarized with your signature, and fax it to 214-446-6222. This is just a ‘legal’ way of proving it is you taking the course.