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Company logo Comedy Guys Defensive Driving Dismiss Your Ticket And Have Some LaughsComedy Guys Defensive Driving course is fully approved by the Texas Department of Licenses and Registrations (TDLR) and is taught by professional comedians in more locations across Texas than any other Defensive Driving course provider.

Since we all know that government stuff can be boring, Comedy Guys hires professional comedians and entertainers to teach your course so that its never dull, always informative, and lots of fun.

Comedy Guys instructors cover the Texas state approved course curriculum and they keep classes lively and fun; after all, people don’t learn much while they’re snoring.

While you are laughing off your ticket with one of our comedians, back at the office our staff are ready to answer your calls, respond to your emails or call you back promptly when you request a call-back right on our website.

Somehow in between doing all those things, they also find time to process your course registrations, ship certificates and provide technical support for online course students.

Yes, we have comedians that also teach our online course and some people prefer it to a classroom course.  I know! Right? 

Can you believe some people prefer to take an online course (also taught by comedians) at their convenience 365/24/7, maybe even in their pajamas, instead of joining us at the restaurant for some laughs, lunch and guaranteed ticket dismissal? Go figure!

Our whole team is dedicated to helping you complete your course so you can get that pesky traffic ticket dismissed.


Our Comedians

Comedy Guys Defensive Driving has Comedians Teach Our Classes To Keep The Boring Away

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Our Staff

Comedy Guys Defensive Driving is state approved and our owners and employees are proud to serve you 

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Hmmmmm, seems they are all camera shy, so a bit of stalking may be required for us to get some paparazzi shots of them for this page.


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Comedy Guys Defensive Driving partners with others businesses to provide you with the best possible experience

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