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Your Defensive Driving Certificate

Sure, we at Comedy Guys Defensive Driving work hard to make the classes as fun as we can.

But most people are really just interested in getting their defensive driving certificate. It’s the written proof that they took defensive driving to show to the court and dismiss their ticket.


Printable E-certificates Emailed to You

As of November 2018, Texas state regulations have changed.

And now much of what we used to say about defensive driving certificates stopped being true. For years, we couldn’t hand certificates directly to students. They had to be delivered by some third party. And there had to be at least one day’s delay between a student finishing the course and receiving a certificate.

You can imagine how much this could aggravate the people who had waited until the last minute.

But starting in December 2018, we can now email certificates to students the same day that the certificate is created in our office.

There’s no more need to wait, or to pay extra for overnight mail.

But if for some reason you want your certificate to come by regular mail or overnight mail, that can still be done. Just give us a call.


Two Copies of Your Certificate

One thing hasn’t changed, though: we will still send you two copies of your certificate.

This gives you one for the court and one for your insurance company, so you can get an auto insurance discount.


Texas Driving Records

For speeding ticket dismissals, many Texas courts now require that people also provide the court with official copies of a Texas Driver’s Record.

But you can now request your driving record online and print it out immediately.