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Defensive Driving Mesquite


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Comedy Guys Defensive Driving is the easy and fun way to dismiss a ticket.


[symple_column size=”two-third” position=”last”]We know how Mesquite driving can be. We’ve seen 635 look more like a parking lot than a freeway. We’ve driven the construction zones on Gus Thomasson and sat at red lights on Beltline.

And the less said about the Saturday shopping drivers on Town East and Galloway the better.

And with that many people trying to get around at once, there are many opportunities to get tickets.

That’s why Comedy Guys Defensive Driving is glad still be holding live classes in Mesquite.

We make tickets go away.[/symple_column]

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Mesquite… The Highway Construction Capital of Texas.

Seems like there is always construction around Town East Mall. Either LBJ, Highway 80, Interstate 30, the service roads, or Big Tex. Well, we’re not sure he is from Mesquite or not, but he ought to be. He should stand right there at LBJ and Town East Blvd and direct traffic.

With so much stop and go traffic in Mesquite, driving is a real challenge.

Well, not to worry.

Our driving safety instructors will give you all the defensive driving tips you will need to navigate the highways and side streets of Mesquite. A certificate from one of our state-approved classes will meet the court’s requirements for ticket dismissal.

And you’ll get a second copy of the certificate for your insurance company, in case you might qualify for a discount.

Live Defensive Driving Classes

comedy guys mesquite classesThere are more and more defensive driving schools popping up all the time, and most of them are moving to online courses only.

Which means that live driving safety classes are getting harder to find.

That’s why we’re so proud to still have in-person classes in Mesquite.

Our live defensive driving classes are taught by comics and entertainers. We hire them because they can cover all the required materal but make it more fun at the same time. And our classes are always held in restaurants because a meal is included in the cost of the class.

And we’re not some new start-up business with nothing more than a website and a license number, run by someone who was flipping burgers a month ago. Comedy Guys has been teaching defensive driving classes for twenty years. We know the material; we know the systerm, and we know the courts.

Sign up from our calendar; join us at the restaurant, and have some food and fun while you finish the class in one session.

Online Defensive Driving Course

comedy guys online courseIt’s true, though, that not everyone can or wants to take a live class.

Can’t schedule 6 hours straight for a defensive driving course?

Does your boss think free time exists only on February 29?

Does paying $80 for a babysitter to take defensive driving seem counter productive?

If any of this sounds familiar, then try our online driving safety course. It’s flexible for people with busy schedules. Log in and out whenever you want.

Our course was set up to work from any device: computer, tablet, or smart phone. And you can move from one device to another, because everything is kept on our servers. You won’t have any apps to install or plugins to download.


Live classes or online course: either way, we got you covered.