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Houston Defensive Driving


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A Comedy Guys Defensive Driving class is the fun and easy way to get tickets dismissed.


[symple_column size=”two-third” position=”last”]When you combine the USA’s 4th largest city with car-loving Texans, you get enough traffic to make some roads look more like parking lots.

With that many drivers in Houston, there are bound to be tickets.

That’s why Comedy Guys Defensive Driving is glad to bring our state-approved classes back to Houston. We make tickets go away.[/symple_column]


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Driving in Houston

Houston is famous for how bad the driving can be.

Houston itself is a huge city. And it sits in the center of a metropolitan area that sprawls over nine counties, home to roughly 7 million people.

And their cars.

Houston driving even got memed onto social media, with a photo of Houston traffic jam where someone has added a sign that says “Welcome to Downtown Houston. You are one hour’s drive from Downtown Houston.”

That many drivers  means a lot of traffic. Studies show that the average Houston driver spends 75 hours a year sitting in some kind of traffic delay.

More traffic means more traffic problems, and for most of us that means getting a ticket now and then.

But with Comedy Guys mix of comedy and defense driving, you have a fun and easy way to get those tickets dismissed.


Houston Defensive Driving Classes

comedy guys houston defensive driving classesLive defensive driving classes are getting harder to find.

That’s why Comedy Guys is glad to be adding more in-person classes in the Houston area. A real class with a teacher and everything! A teacher who will make the material fun, so this won’t feel like such a chore. You’ll finish in one session and be done with it.

And there’s even a meal included in the cost of the class.

If you want a live class to get your Texas speeding ticket dismissed, our classes are a fun and simple way to make that happen. You can register with just your name and phone number. There’s one simple form to complete during the class. And you’re finished in one day.

After that, you just wait for the certificate to arrive, and with the new possibility of having your certificate sent to you by email, that you don’t even have to do that.


Online Defensive Driving Course for Houston

comedy guys online courseFor people who aren’t close enough to one of our classes or who can’t make one fit into their schedule, we offer our flexible and easy-to-use online course.

There’s no app to install or plugins to download. Just register and get started.

Log in and out whenever you want, as many times as you want. And you can move from device to device with no problem: Start on your computer, then finish it from your phone or tablet, if you want. Everything is stored on our servers, so you can work from any device that can connect you to the Internet.

The videos and text should work on any device. And there are free audio files to read the text to you.

Once you’re done, your certificate will be mailed to you automatically. Or for a small fee, we can create your certificate automatically and email you a link to download and print it right away. A great solution for people who waited until the last minute, and we know from experience that there are a lot of those!


In class or online, Comedy Guys Defensive Driving is the fun and easy way to make your Texas ticket go away.