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Defensive Driving Classes Texas

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✔  Pick convenient Defensive Driving classes in Texas from our calendar.

  Live classes are taught by professional comedians.

  Classes are held in restaurants, with meal and drinks included

  Locations in DFW, Houston, San Antonio, and Tyler.

  Finish the state-approved class in one day.

We’ll email your certificate for free the day it’s processed. 


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Comedy Guys Live Defensive Driving Classes

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More Class Locations
Our schedule of defensive driving classes Texas is the biggest in the state, with more locations on more days of the month.


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State-approved for Texas drivers
Our online course is licensed by TDLR, so our certificates meet court requirements for getting speeding tickets dimissed.


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Valid for Auto Insurance Discounts
We always send two copies of your certificate, one for the court and one for your insurance company. 


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Taught by Professional Comics
Texas requires that a driving safety class be six hours long, so we hire comedians and entertainers to make that time fun and interesting.


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Meal and Drinks Included
Our defensive driving classes Texas are held in restaurants, and the meal is included in the cost of the class. There are no surprise costs.


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Money-back Guarantee
If you cancel the course anytime before we issue your certificate of completion, you can get a full refund.



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Since 2002, Comedy Guys Defensive Driving has been teaching its state-approved defensive driving classes in Texas, helping people get tickets dismissed while having some food and fun.

Our growing schedule of driving safety classes includes Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Tyler, and Denton.

Every year Comedy Guys Defensive Driving course classes get thousands of Texas speeding tickets dismissed and help our customers to qualify for discounts on their auto insurance.

All this AND free passes to Hyena’s Comedy Club for those in the DFW area.

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Arlington Defensive
Driving Classes

Dallas Defensive
Driving Classes

Denton Defensive
Driving Classes

Fort Worth Defensive
Driving Classes

Houston Defensive
Driving Classes

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About our Defensive Driving Classes in Texas

Our classroom course thoroughly covers the twelve sections of the state-required curriculum for Driving Safety, including both videos and information presented by a professional comedian.

The six-hour class session is serious about covering the topic, but it’s not seriously boring. Our instructors work hard to cover the material in the most entertaining way possible. Built into the curriculum are numerous short breaks and one longer break for a meal, so the class will not seem like a test of your endurance.

As the class works through topics like difficult driving environments and defensive driving strategies, the instructors will point out important points and encourage students to take notes.

And those notes will be useful during the 25-question quiz at the end of the class. Pass this quiz with 70% or more, and we’ll get busy on your certificate right away. And if you score less than 70%, the instructor will review the information with you and give you another chance at it immediately.


Defensive Driving Texas Classes You Can Enjoy

Getting your speeding ticket dismissed doesn’t have to be boring. And we work hard to see that it’s not.

We hire comedians and entertainers to teach our classes to make them lively and fun. Making a speeding ticket go away and lowering your auto insurance costs is so much better if you can have some laughs at the same time.

While many of our competitors are teaching only online defensive driving, we realize that there are many people who still prefer the fun and socializing of a life class. So we’ll keep having those classes to make those people happy.

(Besides, it gives our Professional Comedian instructors something to do so they don’t hang around the office, all talking at the same time.)


More convenient locations than any other course provider

Comedy Guys offers more defensive driving Texas classes than anyone.

On our calendar of classes, you can find a defensive driving class every day of the week.

Right now we have more convenient locations including Dallas, Fort Worth and all of the DFW Metroplex.

We also have classes in Denton, Tyler, and McKinney,  Houston,  San Antonio and Odessa College locations.


Online Flexibility and Convenience

If our calendar of defensive driving classes doesn’t fit your schedule perfectly, we also have our defensive driving Texas online course, too. It’s also state-approved by TDLR and good for dismissing tickets in any court in Texas.

In fact, we’re proud of our online course. There’s a lot to be said for the convenience and flexibility of being able to log in and work on the course whenever you want. Making defensive driving fit your schedule instead of the other way around is a great thing.

But live defensive driving classes are where the fun is, and fun is a big part of what we do at Comedy Guys.