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Our online defensive driving course and our many class locations get Texas speeding tickets dismissed, lower auto insurance rates, and give our customers a few laughs at the same time. 


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Since 1990 the people of ComedyGuys.com have been making fun of defensive driving.

No, wait.

That didn’t sound right. Let me try again…

Since 1990 the people of ComedyGuys.com have been making defensive driving classes fun.

In our classes, we make it possible for Texas residents to have a good time while improving their driving skills, getting their speeding tickets dismissed, and lowering their insurance rates.

The Comedy Guys Defensive Driving Story

Defensive Driving in Texas

Defensive driving itself dates back to 1964 and the development of the National Safety Council’s Driver Improvement Program.

But it wasn’t until the 1980s that Texas approved of drivers taking a state-approved driving safety course to get speeding tickets off of their driving records. In those days, all such classes were taught by uniformed officers of the Dept. of Public Safety. They were well informed but they weren’t very entertaining.

Texas defensive driving classes in the 1980s were eight hours long, and the subject matter could turn them into eight very long hours. As the decade ended, the classes were shortened by a couple of hours.comedy guys defensive driving classes for texas

And schools began to hire comedians and entertainers to teach the classes, both to reduce the tedium and to help students learn more.

Our founder, Mark Cooper, puts it this way: “People learn more when they’re not snoring.”

In 1990 Mark himself began teaching defensive driving for Affiliated Driving Schools. After about a year and half, Mark Cooper began his own school, Metroplex Defensive Driving. Over the next few years Metroplex Defensive Driving school grew into the largest and busiest driving safety schools in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

But no matter how busy Comedy Guys became, we remained at heart exactly what our students saw then and still see today: one instructor connecting with a room full of people with speeding tickets in their hands, covering all the required information to make them safer drivers AND making the experience as funny and entertaining as possible.

Big Changes

In 2003 Mark made some decisions that would lead us to become the company we are today.

First, he wanted to change the name both to reflect that the company was growing beyond the DFW Metroplex and to include the fact that our instructors are comics and entertainers. That’s when Metroplex Defensive Driving became Comedy Guys Defensive Driving.

Mark also brought in his brother Cash Cooper, a licensed accountant, who organized the finances. Together the Cooper brothers set about becoming their own course provider. Instructor Gary Murray was hired to write a curriculum while Cash Cooper created A Safer Driver, Incorporated.

By the end of 2004, Mark’s very successful Comedy Guys Defensive Driving School was holding classes every day of the week somewhere in DFW, Tyler, Denton, or McKinney, using the curriculum that their own people had developed and published through A Safer Driver.

The next big changes came in 2009 when Comedy Guys Defensive Driving released its own online defensive driving course. It was specifically designed to let people log in and out whenever they wanted, as often as they wanted. And it was the first online driving safety course to be formatted to work on iPhones, iPads, and Android phones.

Future Plans

susana from comedy guys defensive driving office in Richardson txRight now, Comedy Guys is ready to grow again.

Currently we’re at work updating and improving our online course, with new videos and some technical changes that will improve the experience.

And we’re looking into expanding our online course into other states. If the Comedy Guys approach to defensive driving has been good for Texans, it should be good for people in some of the… uh… lesser states.

We’re also planning to expand into teaching drivers education courses. If a six-hour driving safety course was improved by having it taught by comedians, just imagine how much better we can make a thirty-two hour drivers ed course!


…even as we continue to grow, we want to continue the kind of work that has made us grow as large as we have.

The comedians who teach our classes will continue to cover the material and make it entertaining. But they always work “clean,” avoiding the cruder or more tasteless humor that some schools indulge in.

Our office will keep working to produce and deliver certificates as quickly as possible. As of November 2018, we are now allowed to email certificates directly to our customers. You get your certificate faster, with no waiting and no extra cost for overnight delivery.

And unlike some driving safety schools, we email your certificate for no extra charge.

Sometimes we get very busy and have to juggle a lot of things, but we always try to get every detail taken care of. And if ever a mistake is made or a detail is forgotten, we work to fix the problem as quickly and fairly as we can.