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Motor vehicles can be practical, useful tools for getting around, or they can be cool, sexy reflections of your personality, or slick stylish ways to show off your money.
my pinto bean-colored `74 Chevy Vega
doesn`t seem to fit any of those.
They can be those things, but they are always heavy objects moving at fast speeds among other heavy, moving objects. The potential for accidents is always present.
And — not to sound like a nagging parent here — that`s why we have rules.
moving objects…, fast speeds…
Definitely not talking about my Vega, then.
The best way to keep yourself and others safe on the road is for your behavior to be predictable. You know what you`re expected to do, and you can reasonably expect what the other drivers will do, but all of this is only possible because we have laws and procedures.

Yeah, yeah, yeah…
But before we get to the boring part, let`s have some jokes.

A police officer attempts to stop a car for speeding, but the driver gradually increases his speed until finally he`s topping 100 mph.
Eventually, though, he realizes that he can`t escape and finally pulls over.
The cop approaches his car and says, “It`s been a long day and my shift is almost over, so if you can give me one good reason for you to be driving that fast, I`ll let you go.”
The guy thinks for a couple of seconds and then says, “My wife ran away with a cop about a week ago, and I was afraid that you were him, chasing me down to give her back.”

A police car pulls up in front of Grandma Bessie`s house, and Grandpa Morris gets out of the back seat.
A police officer walks him up to where she`s waiting on the porch, and he`s very polite when he explains that this elderly gentleman had told him he was lost in the park and couldn`t find his way home.
She thanks the officer as he leaves, then goes into the house with her husband. “Morris,” she says, “how could you get lost in the same park we`ve been walking in for 30 years?”
“Oh, I wasn`t lost,` he says. `I just didn`t feel like walking home.”

A man is caught for speeding and goes before the judge. The judge tells him, “What will you take, 30 days or 30 dollars?”
The man tells him, “I think I`ll take the money.”

The police and courts only exist to enforce rules and punish those who break them. But the rules exist to protect the rest of us from something or someone.
If you dig into the cause of most collisions, you`ll probably find someone who was breaking or at least bending some kind of rule. The more you know and follow established traffic laws and procedures, the safer you`ll be.